Monday, November 18, 2019

Formal analysis of a work of art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Formal analysis of a work of art - Essay Example Dressing Room is remarkable and representative of his mature work. Dressing Room is one of the Kuhn’s impressive and eye-catching realistic images of a theater performer in a quiet moment backstage. Fascinated by such persons who existed on the borders of society, Kuhn dedicated this image with an unselfconscious sexuality that was still uncommon in American art of the period1. In Dressing Room painting, a sparkling female stage performer who looks like a dancer stands in her dressing room and looks like she is ready to go on stage. She looks like a pensive female performer still in her costume with heavy 1920’s makeup. Behind her on the right side, there is a chair/sofa with a cushion. The left side composition of the painting shows a dresser and a clothing stand topped with hats. A partly obscured sign on the wall reveals that this is not a private room 1. This painting strikes the classic pose of the body conscious young female. She is standing with arms raised and hands behind her head and exposing her upper body. She is wearing a small and entertaining costume. Her short and dark hair is made folded with a bulky red bow. Her makeup is heavy and bold with dark blushes on the chick and deep red lipstick reveals that she has just finished her dress-up and now she is ready to go to stage to perform her task. It looks very clear from girl’s seductive extended pose that she has prepared for stage show but there is no emotion on her face and her eyes are empty and show her deep sadness and unwilling feelings which gives the idea that she is not so far involved in the job of performing for the enjoyment of men. The dressing room is a place for performers for the staging of character. The performer enters in the dressing room as its whole self and exits as a prescribed character that is intended to perform in front of audience. In this

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