Thursday, November 21, 2019

Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 191

Essay Example Second, theological and national tensions that were not properly addressed fuelled the need to walk away from the bigger church to agitate for reformation (Viladesau, 2006). Similarly, the affirmation of a traditional medieval conception of interpreting most church activities meant that the Council of Constance was ignoring a lot of complaints from splinter groups. Another interesting reason was that the entire Roman Catholic Church papacy was Antichrist, thus, there was a need for committed believers to honour the prophecy by leaving the church. Alternatively, the Protestant Reformers under the leadership of Martin Luther condemned doctrinal policies that encouraged selling of indulgences such as particular judgment and purgatory in order to dominate the people. Respect for the ecclesiastical law, mandatory clerical celibacy, and censure of Antichrist Popes, therefore, became a critical aspect of splitting from the Catholic Church. Campaigns for Magisterial Reformation also played fundamental reason because most Protestant Reformers were now aligning themselves with humanity or lines of mysticism to affirm their radical positions against the papacy. Overall, the eventual excommunication was caused by discontent that was not given the necessary

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