Thursday, February 13, 2020

European Research Center for Information Systems (ERICS) and its Compe Essay - 1

European Research Center for Information Systems (ERICS) and its Competitors - Essay Example In the current systems of globalization where information spread fast, the choice of institution one can join is determined by a number of factors. How an institution structures the systems determines its competitive edge in a highly dynamic market. In this case, ERICS faces competition from such institutions such as PSB Academy in Singapore. PSB is an internationally accredited institution, operating out of two campuses, the Henderson and Delta, Singapore. It was established in 1964 and has seen its name grow taking 30, 000 students annually in Degree, post-graduate and corporate levels programs. For educational programs, this is conducted through its School of Engineering, Business, Information Technology and Physical Sciences. In addition, the institution owns Center for Foundation Studies and Center for English Languages Studies that offer varying programs to cater to the needs and interests of the students. Just as like ERICS, PSB Academy centers in Information Technology with Business, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics. The infrastructure and lecturers with a vast wealth of experience have kept the institution in high regards. The graduates from the institution have recorded a high absorption rate in the market than any other institution of higher learning in Singapore. The institution is a worthy competitor to the ERICS. PSB Academy has hugely marketed itself through the world of mouth from the high intake of the graduate in the job market. The employers are well versant with the institution from the student who joins the market. The graduate is trained and skills and offer a strong marketing solution for the campus. For instance, in 2014, the institution recorded 95 % employment rate. 85 % of the graduates gained employment within the first 6 months and 3.1 on average manage to find a job (PSB, 2014). These statistics speaks volume of the quality of  education in PSB Academy.  

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